The Three Coolest Tech Offices Ever

With the evolution of concepts pertaining to the ideal 21st office space, many tech companies are now leading the charge towards creating a working environment that eschews the traditional concept of gray and gloomy cubicles in favor of big, bold spaces with a touch of insanity and a dash of artistry. Nowhere is this more evident that when pictures of Google’s offices worldwide leaked out in mid-2007. Complete with an array of attractions that are guaranteed to “stimulate” an employee’s creativity, it was the sort of anti aging face cream and more research treatment regimen that the tech sector needed to power through with the revolution and in the process motivate all other companies to come out of their shell and try new things with their office spaces.

In this post, we list the three coolest tech offices ever. Although these are not based on an inch-by-inch audit of the many tech offices in the world, it is borne out of incessant internet research from hundreds of pictures of tech office spaces all over the world. On the one hand, we believe that it does not take accredited online MBA programs to grant us the whim to go through this exercise; with the simple belief that common sense and personal aesthetic preferences trumps all other criteria when it comes to picking the coolest tech office ever, we are counting down what we rightfully believe are the best places to work in, at least from an arts, creativity and design perspective.
Counting Down the Three Coolest Tech Offices Ever

3. Twitter. Twitter takes our #3 spot for the top three coolest tech offices ever. In its relatively short life, it has managed to be way cooler than Hyundai used cars and rightfully so; the Twitter headquarters is a pleasant blend of colors and wall graphics that are designed to instill the Twitter value – freedom, particularly that which pertains to personal expression. Some lounges at Twitter contain cloud graphics against a pale gray background which is reminiscent of a gloomy day while walls show birds in flight across an azure backdrop. If anything, the walls at Twitter are an expression of the various moods and countenances that characterize the human experience. After all, even the most pedestrian of human undertakings, say an air conditioning repair Houston or car battery delivery services, are ultimate representations of the vagaries of life for which Twitter excels at expressing.

2. Facebook. From the Timeline of each Facebook user down to the halls of Facebook office worldwide, Facebook is all about individual expressions of personality and creativity. The office space for Facebook looks more like a giant playground than it is a serious corporate location. Better than any SA property you can ever imagine, the offices at Facebook have a whimsical appeal to them. Couches on one side, simple but comfortable desks on another, a slew of sala-like spaces for informal meetings, and more couches all over that one can be forgiven for thinking that he is in an IKEA store and not a formal office. That same approach belies the credentials of the people at Facebook; many are graduates of top online MBA programs or the most sophisticated IT schools in the world. You obviously wouldn’t need any more convincing for working at Facebook; but then again, the coolest office space certainly does not hurt.

1. Google. Google is and will always be the king of breaking down walls when it comes to revolutionary office design. What’s more, Google does it on a grand scale like plus size dresses for the fashion ramp. In Google’s offices, you will find slides, weird-looking, futuristic cubicles with a specific color theme, egg-shaped pods for chilling out, informal meetings, or plainly resting in between work… Your imagination is practically the limit at Google. If you need medical aid for a minor injury, expect to run into an out-of-this-world clinic instead of a pedestrian rectangular room with white painting on the wall. If there ever was a perfect model for the most revolutionary office space, Google has got it all figured out.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to work in these cool and comfortable office spaces that are true hallmarks of creative thinking rather than mere compliance to the established norms for office design? So brush up your skills and get ready for the big dive; you’ll never know when the opportunity to work for Twitter, Facebook, or Google presents itself and that’s not something you want to pass up on.