Top 3 Chat Messengers and Their Features

Technology has changed the way we communicate. Years ago phoning family and friends in another country was out of the question because of the expense, today we just log online, go to our chat messenger, see if they are online and then send them an instant message, a photograph or even call them computer to computer. The best thing is it is all for free, so you can stay connected with family and friends around the world whenever you want and all you need is a computer and an internet connection.


Skype has become one of the preferred chat messengers because of what it offers the users. You download it for free and as long as the person you want to chat to also has Skype your calls are completely free.

Skype enables you to instant message each other, phone from computer to computer and use a webcam so you can see your family on the other side. You are able to have conference calls and include a number of people on your contacts list to join you. Another great feature with Skype is you are able to buy phone credit, which enables you to phone from your computer to a traditional telephone and it costs you a fraction of the price.

You are also able to divert your Skype calls to your landline or mobile phone with ease. The best thing about Skype is that you can download it to your smart phone and with your internet connection you can enjoy affordable calls on the go. So if you’re looking for a good chat messengers, I’d say go for it.

Google Talk

Google has grown in popularity and this includes Google Talk, their chat messenger. While this messenger may not have a game section it is a great VoIP (Voice over IP) option enabling you to send instant messages, talk to family and friends with Google Talk and see them using your web cam.

Google Talk is growing in popularity and definitely comes in second place when it comes to chat messenger software. Again this software is completely free to download enabling you to speak to anyone you wish even an accident lawyer.

Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger is one of the oldest chat messenger programs available, it has been around since the late 1990’s and yet even though it has improved over the years, it comes in third place after Skype and Google Talk.

Yahoo Messenger gives you the opportunity to pull all your contacts and chat to them via instant message or chat when you want. This software is completely free when you sign up for a Yahoo account.

Finding the chat messengers are really easy, all you have to do is go online and search, the same way you would search for south beach smoke or canvas foto. Once you find the software you prefer to use you download it.

All the chat messengers give you the privacy and security you deserve enabling you to accept contact requests or refuse them, keeping you safe at all times.