Information architecture is the combination of site structure, navigational flow, and user interaction design is the foundation of a web-based site or application. A well-planned architecture is the essential first step toward an exceptional user experience. IA deliverables include:
Site Maps – Illustrate the high-level structure of the content and/or functionality of a proposed site
Process Flow Charts / Use Cases: Details each step of existing processes for initial validation, then illustrates new or restructured processes for a planned site or application
Navigational Flow Charts: Details the page-by-page navigation of a user through the critical functions of the site
Storyboards: Black and white representation of each page of the site, showing the main features, functions, navigation, links and content (but not the look and feel)
Taxonomy Design: Where required, IA can include complete content analysis and creation of detailed appropriate taxonomies (content structure and indexing). This is essential for the development of effective search engines, customization features and usage analytics