What are the best Workplace Technologies for women?

Gone are the days when women were given limited opportunities to work and play. Most countries today give equal chances to all genders in terms of achieving personal goals through getting a satisfying job. Women are equally capable of performing well in the workplace. Some even move up the corporate ladder and reach as high as becoming the CEO. In our present technology-driven world, women have taken advantage of current work-related technologies to perform daily tasks. Let’s take a quick look at some of the best workplace technologies for women.

Some companies allow employees to work from home, depending on the reasons and circumstances. This is a welcome development especially for working mothers or women who recently gave birth. In order not to disrupt their workflow, working women may request from their companies to do telecommuting (remote work at home) for a limited period of time while they take care of the kids. It is now possible and more convenient to maintain a work/life balance with the advent of telecommunication technologies that allow high quality video and audio conferencing with multiple participants from remote locations. Landline telephone, fax, mobile phone, tablets, laptops, email, Skype, and GoToMeeting are just some of the tools that are available today.

Video conferencing software, such as Skype and GoToMeeting, saves a lot of company money. Imagine if you have 5 meeting participants from 5 different countries. The company has to spend for travel, food, and accommodations. With video conferencing, there’s no need to leave your place of origin just to attend a 1-hour meeting. It’s the next best thing to meeting in person. This technology is really a gift from heaven for the working mothers who can’t afford to leave the kids even for a brief time.

Women who work as recruiters or hiring managers will be happy to know that social networks on the Internet are a gold mine when looking for the best employees. Linkedin is possibly the best site to look for employee-prospects and marketing leads. Facebook is not just a site for connecting with friends but it is also an opportunity to promote the company you’re working for.

Women who work in the creative department will have a blast working with Photoshop, Illustrator, and other software for producing art materials. Productivity software, such as Microsoft Office, converts any computer into a virtual office. Web development programs allow women web developers to view source code which is much easier to detect a possible facebook hacker.

The ability for almost all mobile devices to connect to the Internet will make women, who are always on the go, to be regularly updated with their work. Career women who love to travel light don’t need any more to carry storage devices since everything can be put on the cloud.

Digital coffee machines, vending machines, and company cafeterias that accept credit cards make convenient cash-less transactions possible for the busy working woman. All these technologies, if used properly, help women in the workplace perform quality work on time.