Five Popular Workplace Technology Applications

Do you think you need some help in your workplace? Yes, we all do. We need something to speed things up, to entice the people we are working with on a day to day basis, to create a positive working environment. Today’s technology can help you in bringing these to your work environment.
Here’s five of the best workplace technology application to aid you:

1. Instant messaging – this has become a trend on all businesses. Why settle for a phone when you can broadcast using messaging. Works as a less formal email –it gives you the capability to record conversations, create a fast query and overall gives you the comfort of not standing just to find someone you don’t know where to locate.

2. Slide shows and presentations – Old presentations used to be on charts, or spreadsheets that takes time to transform into something easily understandable. Slide shows, commonly power point, can help you deliver the goods to the bosses while enticing their interest.

3. Web based applications – If you want to work anywhere but not necessarily trying to decrease your productivity, you can always have it your way with web based applications. The internet has become a weapon for collaboration and you should consider giving it a chance. Imagine having the privilege of getting through all hassles by manual reporting and sending it on time but with far less work?

4. The Desk Phone – Everyone wants one: to make contact details easily, to get to the point. Straight! To have confirmations, an emergency hot calls. The Desk phone offers faster and inquiry response. Recent Desk Phones have more than just a channel for calls.

5. Video conferencing – If you can communicate to a person in China while dealing with a buyer in New Zealand or have a counterpart in the far corner of the world meet you- this is the best application that you should consider having. Meet with people almost anywhere in the world. A tremendous addition to your work place.

Having help by pushing a step ahead of everybody else is vital in this competitive working environment. This should lead to a new look in the office. Adding several points to your skill set by just pushing a single button should bring you a long way. Try to enhance your working environment by adding a little of everything through technology.
Global Information Technology Report 2009-2010

Save up time and effort! Add in new automated stuff and surely your workplace will become greater than it was over the past few years. Embrace some technology in your life and it’ll help your productivity. Bringing in new things will definitely interest people to do more work knowing that there are developments and that your office is not getting behind the world.